Evolving mainly online, strongly supported by friends (real people, in flesh), Minunat likes to organise events….

This page wishes to list the events we organised and attended in time.

Since its first collection in 2017, a yearly meeting is fixed in November to present the new collection and see friends. Each edition was different, a page is dedicated to each.

In a wish to promote Romanian traditions and Romanian contemporary design, Minunat attended a France Roumanie Season event in Grenoble in 2019, and entertained the public through a creative workshop supported by the Grenoble Town Hall and the association Scène et Danube. The theme was “martisor”.

With the desire to show the Romanian community in Lyon, Minunat organised and entertained a creative workshop in 2020. The workshop used recycled glass brooches and textile scraps from the regional textile industry. The theme was “martisor”.