Diamond is a design based on an evenly repeated pattern which comes from a silk-on-wool embroidered item. We added variety, a playful colour palette right from a child’s pencil case.
We have chosen an endless repetition with a thought of Brâncusi’s infinity column, the design is not framed by borders like many folk layouts. The inspiration source has a large part of repeating pattern thus giving a pleasant feeling of steadiness, so we enjoyed displaying the very impression of infinity.
Diamond is the go-everywhere design, great on summer dresses, he likes shirts and jackets, hurried mornings and good coffee.

Material: silk twill
Composition: 100% silk
Dimensions: 33×140 cm

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  • If the label indicates "DRY CLEAN ONLY", it means you have to take the product to a dry cleaner.
  • If you cannot go to the dry cleaners, you can wash the product by hand but only with cold water.
  • Use a delicate detergent in a very small amount, do not leave the product to soak.
  • Rinse in cold water several times, remove water only by gentle pressing between thick towels then smooth by hand, returning to original shape.
  • Dry on a classic wire dryer then iron on the back side with an iron at the right temperature (silk, wool).
  • Protect the product from very prolonged exposure to the sun
  • Do not vaporize perfume
  • Do not iron on the face of the fabric
  • Do not squeeze by twisting
  • Don't over-wet when you iron
  • Do not tumble dry
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