Minunat ceramics


Minunat ceramics is a unique scarf accessory!
We wanted to materialize our fascination for the work with clay – the traditional craft – and the work with kaolin, with porcelain in the hands of young Romanian designers.
But how to combine ceramics with textiles? What better way than sewing? The ceramic plate is the material, the silk is the thread. One point is enough for there to be a join.
And practically, this special scarf ring goes well with squares, small, 45×45 cm, as Spring Balance, or medium, 65×65 cm, as Balance, and even with wool with silk, 65×65 cm, Eternal wool.
We invite you to specify the desired color by leaving a comment with your order, only available products will always appear in the product sheet. The colors are: white, coral, light green, brown, pink.

Composition: porcelain
Dimensions: 4,5×4,5 cm

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Minunat de ceramică
Minunat ceramics


  • If the label indicates "DRY CLEAN ONLY", it means you have to take the product to a dry cleaner.
  • If you cannot go to the dry cleaners, you can wash the product by hand but only with cold water.
  • Use a delicate detergent in a very small amount, do not leave the product to soak.
  • Rinse in cold water several times, remove water only by gentle pressing between thick towels then smooth by hand, returning to original shape.
  • Dry on a classic wire dryer then iron on the back side with an iron at the right temperature (silk, wool).
  • Protect the product from very prolonged exposure to the sun
  • Do not vaporize perfume
  • Do not iron on the face of the fabric
  • Do not squeeze by twisting
  • Don't over-wet when you iron
  • Do not tumble dry