Ocher and pink / scarf


Ocher and pink is a scarf

Ocher and pink is a new design inspired from wool woven rugs that wants to shake up the codes – a little? a lot? – from the usual kind of designs. The design features new birds, simply drawn as simply as possible, but also a new watermark.

The color combination calls for glitz and glam, it calls for generosity, for outfits with big earrings, with spectacular hairstyles. You can find the silk twill version at our partners My Romanian store.

The wool woven rugs, always present in our collections, are fed by traditional fabrics, we create them for the homesick, you can wear them discreetly, you can tell them, combine them with other motifs, or calm them down with something plain.

Other wool woven rug inspired scarves in the eshop are: Tradition, Red and black, Blue wool.

Material: wool and silk
Composition: 70% wool, 30% silk
Dimension: 45×180 cm

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Ocher and pink / scarf


  • If the label indicates "DRY CLEAN ONLY", it means you have to take the product to a dry cleaner.
  • If you cannot go to the dry cleaners, you can wash the product by hand but only with cold water.
  • Use a delicate detergent in a very small amount, do not leave the product to soak.
  • Rinse in cold water several times, remove water only by gentle pressing between thick towels then smooth by hand, returning to original shape.
  • Dry on a classic wire dryer then iron on the back side with an iron at the right temperature (silk, wool).
  • Protect the product from very prolonged exposure to the sun
  • Do not vaporize perfume
  • Do not iron on the face of the fabric
  • Do not squeeze by twisting
  • Don't over-wet when you iron
  • Do not tumble dry
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