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On this day, we will enjoy a an event meant to show you the new designs and accessories in a well balanced atmosphere of euphoria of a unique gathering and cultural entertainment. So, be sure to follow us on facebook and instagram and most important, sign in to the newsletter. It is through the newsletter that we will communicate high priority information and backstage rare snaps.

Historically, the new collection launch event was a friend’s gathering. In Lyon, most of our customers know each other and the event was a real incentive to meet each other. But with the pandemiae that occured in 2020 and with natural changes in people’s life, the show of our collection could not take place in the same premices. This change helps us to rethink the concept. We are keen to keep the idea of a large family gathering, and we mostly desire to speak more about cultue, conservation and continuity in the folk art field.

  • Sezatoare 2020 : a unique event in Lyon, supported by the Romanian community in this city. Minunat also had fabulous help from art glass artisan Atelier Epitalon. Photos were gracefully offered by Alexandra Dinc─â.

The word “sezatoare” means “sitting”. This sitting is a comunion moment organized around a creative action. People gather to work on their folk costumes, tell stories and play games. Secific to the country side, supposed to take place mostly in winter, the sitting is a very important moment for a community.

Minunat organized  this sitting at the end of the winter, with the main purpose of gathering and a secondary purpose of producing a unique and very particular object.  Held at Pause Creation, this event was our last public event before lockdown.

Beyond seeing old friends, Minunat was happy to welcome Alexandra, the most inspiring and hard working photographer in 200km around. Alexandra was a volounteer in our event. We have become friends and count on her advice and ideas of development.

All over this sitting and also in the 2nd picture, we work on glass and enjoy glass jewelry made by our dear Bernadette – head of Atelier Epitalon, French brand of jewelry and table decoration in glass. Minunat is definitely a total fan of Bernadette’s work and creations and this particular relation allowed us to step into the workshop and invent a story of our own.

When it comes to the object that was elaborated during the sitting, you should know that it was composed of glass and fabric. It was 100% upcycling materia. On one side we had glass debris from Bernadette and on the other side we had textile debris from our traditional textile partner, Malfroy Million.

Glass debris needed a few hours of work of cleaning and conditionning. The next step was to imagine folk related elements (rough edged flowers, with a graphism near to wool weaving appearance). Then glass assemblyes were treated in a the fusion kiln of Atelier Epitalon by Bernadette. She litterally took the Minunat pieces one by one and placed them in the kiln.

The textile debris were overlooked and carefully associated to the glass pieces we proposed during the sitting.


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Invited by Sc├Ęne et Danube, Minunat has elaborated a unique series of “m─âr╚Ťi╚Öoare”composed of a fine porcelain piece manufactured by Romanian ceramist Cristina Ciobanu and a discharged textile part. The sponsor was the City Hall of Grenoble.

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