About Us

Welcome to our design house inspired by East European Folk Art!

Minunat by Irina proposes luxury accessories. For production, we rely either on hand made or on a experienced French workshop from the Lyon region. We have at heart to support the European textile industry and this is why we print and manufacture in Europe.

We offer scarves made of silk or wool.

Our products are edited in short series, imagined for each of you but also for your enterprise’s customers, employees on all occasions. You can have access to the current collections at any time of the year and we can also develop a product only for you. You can count on us either to propose adapted designs from our catalogue or to encourage your creativity.

Folk art inspires us to reach out for collaborations and create limited editions of unique accessories other than scarves. Also, we love to recycle and to use other materia than textiles. This is how we have presented in time ceramic pendants, recycled glass brooches and glass beads bracelets.

We base our patterns on East European Folk Art.

We wish to encourage you to get to know its beauty, respect it as it is and never try to replace it by machine made equivalents.

Our patterns start from motifs used by peasants to decorate their homes and their costumes. Each pattern we create is based on a long work of research through which we try to understand the meaning of the layout, the sense of the motifs, the purpose of the colors. Folk art is organic and so Minunat wishes to be.

You wear Minunat, you wear a reinterpreted folk art, you show you care for culture and industrial patrimony.

We like to give credit, tell stories and make friends and if you wish to say “hi!”, do not hesitate!

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