Coronation crown silk twill square



Coronation crown silk twill square is a fine accessory in red and turquoise.

The limited Art Nouveau series is rooted in our love and admiration for the English born Queen Mary of Romania. The queen’s courage, elegance and strong personality are very inspiring thus we felt empowered to celebrate her.   The crown that inspired this design belonged to the Queen, it was created for the Coronation ceremony that took place in 1922.

This pattern is meant to be like a jewel together with its pair, a second silk twill square that you can see here.


Size : 65×65 cm


Fabric : 100% silk twill


Dry cleaning OR handwash in mild water, no soaking, mild iron.

Detailed description

The square is a most classical accessory that can be worn around the neck, in your hair, on your head. It particularly bright red color makes this square rather imposing. Wear it as large as you can to show it, or fold it and keep it beauty for you.

Story of the pattern

The Coronation crown silk twill square pattern belongs to a very specific limited series and it was designed together with Sorina Stallard, from DOR.  We wished to put a light on Art Nouveau elements and mix them with older graphics that come from the Cucuteni culture.

See the crown’s elements, understand the jeweler’s emotion, follow the lines that the Queen herself has touched. Wearing this pattern is a larger experience thant just adorning your body. It is a trip in time and in design. This pattern is meant to be like a jewel!

And as a goldsmith in textiles, Minunat has chosen a thick silk for special patterns, our accessories are as jewels that you thoroughly pick and choose, keep for life.

Our story

We deeply like to draw and tell new stories, thus we launch limited editions of products a few times a year.

Minunat is passionate about strong feminine figures. If you need to know more about Queen Mary of Romania, we invite you on the Romanian Royal House page.



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