Sea embroidery


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An exquisite patrimony folk costume has inspired the sea embroidery pattern.

A regular embroidery richly adorns the folk costume. Cotton thread and sequins embroider the blouse. Sleeves are embroidered but the rest of the blouse is much less. A fine metal thread is used to embroider the skirt. Shades of blue dominate the blouse and the skirt.


33×140 cm


Fabric : 100% silk twill


Dry cleaning OR handwash in mild water, no soaking, mild iron.

Detailed description

Minunat has studied this embroidery and has added different shades of blue,  thus naming the pattern “sea embroidery”. This folk costume was seen in a city on the Danube shore, far from the Black Sea. The costume is difficult to reach, impossible to see online. We have imagined the connexion between this pattern and the sea through color. We invite you to connect to the costume through the scarf or a real visit to see the folk costume.

Story of the pattern

This scarf belongs to the Patrimony line of accessories, united by unique patterns inspired from folk items that really exist. You can see the Patrimony line here. Many patterns of this line -including the Sea embroidery – contain 2 main areas of the pattern. These 2 main areas are the blouse and the skirt. This type of pattern allows you to use the scarf in an unexpected, versatile way. Show one end or the other end of your scarf and be elegant in such an easy way.

Our story

Made in France.

Rare skills and a long production process contributed to make this product real.

We invite you to learn more about one of the museums that contain East European unequalled patrimony items that inspire Minunat: The Iron Gates Museum.




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