2019 – 2020 a collection

While new ideas for the 2020 – 2021 collection arrive, the current collection just came out of production bringing a wave, a powerful wave of enchantment and joy.

Making things real is one of the situations we like to create here at Minunat by Irina, setting the useful set of rules in order to make a change.

Collecting the finished products means going to the producer and this takes about 15 minutes. How funny it is that so many huge enterprises don’t do that and choose to produce far, hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from their design base and natural customers.

Minunat by Irina uses an industrial pattern that employs a short circuit – we are proud and we will not change a thing.We design and manufacture in Europe. We create value in order to keep industry in Europe and this makes people happy. Our intentions go beyond creating beauty.

Now that the new products are in, we enjoy seeing them, some deliveries were already executed and the eshop is up to date.

The collection is rich, enchanting, it opened new paths and used new colors. A choice was made to rework previous patterns and we are eager to have the customers’ opinions.