Brick and mortar shops

Find on this page details on the brick-and mortar shops that work with Minunat.

Brick-and-mortar shops still exist and it is a clear miracle especially after the isolation we have been through in the spring of 2020. It was already a miracle, but nouw we’re just beyond imagination.

As a young brand, Minunat had all the reasons to stand on its own, no need to split the margin. But it is impossible to do this once you’ve lifted your chin to see what’s around…and while huge shopping centers sell products coming from as far away possible, local designers produce in local plants and sell through local shops…

l o c a l … l o c a l … l o c a l

Local is everything around : a friend’s friend, a neighbour, a relative, the teacher’s wife, all these persons, their jobs, hopes, dreams and plans.

So if you live in Lyon or if you just visit, drop at Inspiration concept store, it is near almost any important spot you’ll pass by.


 12 Rue de Sèze, 69006 Lyon

 Lundi 14h-19h & Mardi-Samedi 10h-19h

You can find clothes, home deco, accessories, good spirits, fine counselling.

Why is this place different ?

Léa and Sylvie curate a cosmopolite and ethnic mix that one gets addicted to. It is in there that I started buying exquisite scented candles and it’s in there that I find the useful tiny object for my demanding mother-in-law, and it is in there that I got a modern reproduction of a “La Blouse Roumaine”.