Summer of 2020

An upside down world on top of our every day struggles – this is our world now, after months of confinement, isolation, illness.

Does this world need another collection from Minunat ? What is the new rythm we’re supposed to have ? What do we need to express ?

To check facts, in the previous years, drawing started in spring, a color choice was eventually made at the plant at the beginning of summer, the files to be printed were realised during summer nights of vacation and the new collection was ready mid-October. A quick photo shooting was made in the mean time. End of November we organized our now traditional meeting to present the collection and see the brand’s friends. So, for Christmas, the products were known and commercially, all looked good. During a “normal” year, more than  one capsule collections could come out as a result if collabs or personal ideas.

But now all this process was reconsidered. We were supposed to have a capsule collection in June, for midsummer but the printing was stopped because of the virus and designs were not ready because of the huge amount of other work I had to do. So, the capsule collection for midsummer was delayed and it’s  only now that we can show it.

In this busy and complicated times, we made the choice of creativity, with the idea to make only capsule collections and no big yearly collection. It is a change we yearned for and making place for more creativity looks like a good choice that can make many of our customers happy.




Minunat integrates a “no rule” fashion world : a new capsule collection can pop into your lives at any time, stay tuned and you’ll get the best of this magic. No big yearly collection but no worry, we’ll always have something new for your Christmas presents. We’ll try to surprise you all year long.

Now, what have we been drawing during isolation : vegetals. Yes, as peasants embroidered the elements that surrounded them, Minunat took time to observe in detail, draw, search for simple, basic shapes then poured color in.




Save this images to your PC or smartphone, and invite color in. We’d love to see your work on social media, please tag @minunatbyirina !